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  • Mine Certificate in Air Quality Analysis - Chamber of Mines of South Africa
  • Registered as an Assessor and as Moderator with HWSeta
  • Is accredited with the Department of Labour (CI033OH) 1995
  • IS accredited with Approved Inspection Authority (AIA)
  • Affiliated with the South African Institute Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)
  • SANAS Accreditation Certificate: OH0033-CI 024

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment in essence plays a major role in both determining legal compliance and adhering to it.
Safety and Training

Safety and Training

Sec. 8 of the Act, an employer shall not permit a person to enter a workplace where the health or safety of such person is at risk
Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Occupational Health and Safety protection programs are intended to PREVENT occurence of work-related illnesses and injuries.
Environmental Imapct

Environmental Imapct

A person is prohibited from producing ozone-depleting substances unless it is for critical use
Occupational Health and HygieneNoiseBy Gilbert DekenahOccupational Health and HygieneNoiseBy Gilbert Dekenah

Occupational Health and HygieneNoiseBy Gilbert Dekenah

„Sound is defined as any pressure variation in air, water or some other medium that the human ear can detect. ‘Noise, on the other hand, is generally defined as ‘unwanted’ sound’. “

Noise can be a nuisance at common law and under statute law, resulting in disturbance and loss of enjoyment of life, loss of sleep and fatigue. Secondly, it can distract attention and concentration, mask audible warning signals or interfere with work, thereby becoming a causative factor in accidents.

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  • Certificates

    Competency is measured by achievement - over three decades SHIP has the accolades

  • Accreditation

    SHIP is accredited and affiliated by most South African Authorities and Regulatory Bodies

  • Testimonials

    SHIP believes in building relations - a true testimony with clients we have been serving the past 30 years

  • Questionnaire

    Request for information Occupational Hygiene Pre-Risk Assessment

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The Assurance of"Safe Food Transportation"The Assurance of"Safe Food Transportation"

The Assurance of
"Safe Food Transportation"

The conveyors of food for human consumption often overlook the effects on food safety by uncontrolled food transportation. It would benefit food safety should HACCP Consultants & Environmental Health Practitioners alike view a transport vehicle/tanker as a “Food Premises”.

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  • Gilbert Dekenah

    Gilbert Dekenah is the driving force behind SHIP Health Practitioners. With more than 30 years of experience on his tally Gilbert not only knows the details of every law passed but is also passionate about the implementation of regulations in place to protect employers, organisations and their employees

    The many years of successful research, consulting, strategic implementation and training with the goal in mind to advance adherence of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, ensured SHIP Health Practitioners’ place in the elite group of highly esteemed and sought after consultants.

    SHIP Heath Practitioners are affiliated and / or accredited by all major regulators in the industry to legally engage in consultation, auditing and training. Gilberts’ experience gained within the 3 decades in this industry left him with professional status. His qualifications includes... click photo link above


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  • Theresa Joynt

    Personal Assistant and OHS Manager

    Theresa has more than 20 years of experience in the SHE Industry • National Diploma In Environmental Health • Industrial Audiometry and Noise Measurement

    • Diploma in Safety Management (Lectori Salutem) at Oxbridge Academy • Various internal and external courses.


  • Belinda June Buys

    Belinda has 15 years of experience at SHIP Health Practitioners

    • Marketing • Customer relations • Course developer

    • Assessor • Moderator • NQF facilitator


  • Chantel Geldenhuys

    Chantel has 4 years of experience at SHIP Health Practitioners - Aids Awareness - First Aid - Safety Rep


  • Henry Norris

    Henry has 12 years of experience at SHIP Health Practitioners - Qualified boilermaker - Registered Occupational Hygiene Assistant - Several certificates in Asbestos and Noise monitoring


  • Susan Hattingh

    Creditors and Reports


Accreditation Documents

  • Press 1
    Approved Inspection Authority: SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd has been approved as Type A Approved Inspection Authority: Occupational Health and Hygiene.“
  • Press 2
    SHIP Practitioners (Pty) is certified to monitor Asbestos, Lead, Hazardous Chemical Substances, Noise Induced Hearing Loss & Hazardous Biological Agents“
  • Press 3
    SHIP Practitioners (Pty) is ISO Accredited for "Occupational Hygiene Inspection at Workplaces" ISO/IEC 17020:2012“