Legal Compliance Audits

SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd / Specialized Help for Industries & People are able to render services relating to legal compliance audits assuring legitimate obedience by organisations and companies across South Africa.

SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd / Specialized Help for Industries & People (SHIP):

  • Undertake formal assessment of the organisation’s Occupational Health and Safety needs
  • Assist management with restructuring of their Occupational Health and Safety programme
  • Identify and advise on the hazards encountered by employees
  • Introduce and/or modify legal auditing system to suite an organisation’s needs
  • Assist with the presentation of an organisation’s Occupational Health, Safety, and Quality as well as environmental systems during related audits
  • Conduct internal systems audits on a continuous basis to ensure ongoing system compliance
  • Implement required documentation, recording and/or reporting on archival systems
  • Implement corrective action curriculum, ensuring maximum allowance on group assessment
  • Conduct necessary occupational hygiene monitoring of ventilation, lighting, noise, etc.
  • Establish and guide an organisation’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetings for an initial period
  • Draft all Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Systems standards
  • Assist with the requirements as required under the Construction Regulations as per OHS Act 85 of 1993 : Health and Safety Plan; Risk Assessments; Safety Audits
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