SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd / Specialised Help for Industries and People

Overview of SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd / Specialized Help for Industries & People

Occupational health and safety measures should no longer be a hindrance to productivity in any industry in South Africa. Many organizations now recognise the high return on investment secured in safe and healthy working practices.

To be legally compliant to Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ) proves to be priceless in this day and age. With persisting health and safety hazards in the work place and enormous costs associated with occupational catastrophes we offer the solution to an excellent integrated blue print into your organization’s daily management.

We have identified the need to educate, develop and train workforces as prescribed in the patronages of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Mine health and Safety Act, Minerals and Energy Act, SANS codes of Practice and other relevant legislation and at the same time develop a blueprint to legally protect employers and employees.

Implementation of an occupational health and safety system is not only a legal requirement but also makes common sense, whatever the nature or size of your organisation. Viewed in the light of the competitive manner in which the industry progressively moves forward an effective, well managed occupational health and safety management system is a necessity for any organisation to ensure sound corporate governance.

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