Training Courses

SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd / Specialized Help for Industries & People offers a wide range of training courses to address your training requirements.

They are divided in:

Material Handling Training

Material Handling Training

Material Handling Training

MH 01  Basic Rigging and Slinging                                                                             

MH 02  Excavator                                                                                                            

MH 03  Front End Loader                                                                                             

MH 04  Lift Trucks                                                                                                           

MH 05  Motor Graders                                                                                 

MH 06  Confined Space Entry Level                                                         

MH 07  Safe Stacking & Storing                                                 

MH 08  Scaffolding Erection and Supervision                                      

MH 09  Overhead Cranes                                                             

MH 10  Tractor Driver                                                                                    

MH 11  Truck Mounted Crane                                                                   

MH 12  Forklift



Legal Safe Training

Legal Safe Training

Legal Safe Training

LS 01     Advanced Occupational Health & Safety Act                         

LS 02     Basic Law of Evidence                                    

LS 03     Civil Claims and Delicts                                                                  

LS 04     Occupational Health & Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993)


Environmental Training

Environmental Training

Environmental Training

EM 01   Basic Principles in Environmental Auditing     


Occupational Health & Safety Training

Occupational Health & Safety Training

Occupational Health & Safety Training

OS 01       Accident Investigation                                                                                   

OS 02       Advanced Accident Investigation                                                                              

OS 03       Advanced Fire Prevention                                                                                            

OS 04       Advanced Health and Safety (Supervisors)                                           

OS 05       Basic Health and Safety Course                                                                  

OS 06       Electricity as Fire Hazard                                                                                               

OS 07       Fire Prevention, Fire Protection and Fire Fighting                               

OS 08       First Aid Level I

OS 09       First Aid Level II                                                                                                

OS 10       First Aid Level III                                                                                                               

OS 11       Gas Handling                                                                                                     

OS 12       General Health and Safety                                                                                           

OS 13       Hand Tools                                                                                                                         

OS 14       Health and Safety Representative                                                                             

OS 15       Health and Safety Representative (Advanced)                                     

OS 16       Housekeeping, Symbolic Safety Signs and Colour Coding

OS 17       Job Safety Analysis/Written Safe Work Procedures           

OS 18       Personal Protective Equipment                                                 

OS 19       Plant Amenities, Sanitation and Housekeeping                   

OS 20       Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)             

OS 21       SHEQTRAC                                                                                                          

OS 22       ISO Auditing                                                                                                      

OS 23       SHE Awareness                                                                                 

OS 24       HACCP and Food Handling Safety                                             

OS 25       Awareness of ISO 14001, OHASAS 18001 and ISO 9001:2000                    

OS 26       SHE Audit Training 



Occupational Hygiene Courses

Occupational Hygiene Courses

Occupational Hygiene Courses

OH 01          Basic Principles in Ergonomics                                                                    

OH 02          Basic Principles in Indoor Air Quality Control                                        

OH 03          Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene                                                 

OH 04          Hazardous Substance Safe Handling and Work Operations            

OH 05          Measurement of Gases in Confined Spaces                                          

OH 06          Asbestos Removal



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